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Company: Fujian OUTAI Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd
Contact: Olivia Ding

Address: No.130 Qifeng Industrial Zone, Nanan, Fujian Province, China
Tel: +86-18650146641
Fax: +86-595-86319288
E-mail: info@ou-tai.com
Website: www.ou-tai.com

Why choose OUTAI?

Adopt high quality high purity copper

High purity cooper,fine texture effectively reduce the risk of leakage in the process of casting,at the same time improve the adhesion of the coating surface,make the coating more luster.(nickel plating chromium,wire drawing,bronzing.etc)


Adopt imported ceramic valve core

leading hardware products imported ceramic valve core,compressive,wear- resisting,prevent leakage line comprehensive upgrade,after the Thai peculiar destructive testing to ensure that the switch life of 5000000 times


New material aviation plate

Independent research and development of new materials,aviation plate,surface after five waterproof processing etc,moisture,high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and other characteristics


Quality guarantee

All our kitchen and bathroom accessories have been utilized on global markets for over 20 years, which ensures proven quality. All our products are manufactured according to international standards, and are available with 5 years warranty.

One stop shop

We are your one stop shop for kitchen and bathroom products. Our products include the water faucet, sensor faucet, shower head, shower panel, bathroom hardware, sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, bathtub, shower cabin, and the stainless steel kitchen sink. All products are available with novel designs. Patented products are available as well.