Single Or Faucet Good Or Double The Faucet Good

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Single or faucet good or double the faucet good:

First, the characteristics of a single faucet:

If your home kitchen area is not large, then the choice of a single faucet is the most appropriate, just use a handle to adjust the water temperature and water, very convenient, single-headed faucet is divided into desktop single faucet and single pull Type faucet.

1, desktop single faucet in the kitchen is more common, a handle to make the operation becomes very simple, up and down to adjust the size of the water flow can be adjusted with the water level, very practical.

2, single pull the faucet is the biggest advantage is more convenient to clean the kitchen inside the corner of the corner, as well as ordinary tap less than enough places to expand the cleaning area for the kitchen to bring convenience.

Second, the dual characteristics of the faucet:

This faucet relative to a single taps accounted for a little more area, but powerful, can be the first time to enjoy the cold water and hot water, more practical and beautiful.

1, the desktop double to the faucet: kitchen pots on the hole to determine whether to use this faucet, it is best to use matching products, two handles were controlled cold, hot water, if your home has a child, then this faucet The design is more secure, that kind of cold, hot water and hot things will try to avoid.

2, wall-mounted faucet: according to preferences, free with different types of kitchen pots, and make full use of the kitchen above the wall, not only saves space, but also very beautiful, but because the domestic architectural design rarely used in the kitchen Waterways built, maintenance will be relatively difficult, mainly due to the water pipe all buried in the wall inside.

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