OUTAI Vigorously Promote The Development Of Sanitary Wares In 2017

- Nov 15, 2017 -

How to stand out in many bathroom brands?How to let more customers see or even contact you?How to promote their own brand so that more people see you are what we value and  what we need, then in 2017 how does OUTAI to promote sanitary ware to let our brand stand out?


Done the details, six breakout

1, Fujian bathroom brand image

With the eye-catching brand visual image and casual shopping environment "to seduce" more target consumers. In the community peripheral target groups through the road through the parasol ads, brand advertising flags, large-scale scene display and other publicity. Especially through the multimedia video show, the brand story, service process and event details demonstrate even more grades, the scene did not sign a single customer will have a profound influence.

2, fully warm up activities

In the summary of the information, a clear positioning, but also need to 3 to 6 days in advance with the sample display and peripheral advertising for promotion, and in the promotional community online forums and community bulletin board release announcement and buyout policy announcement, so that the sign Activity information can be quickly disseminated. Turnkey day in the new real estate, by sending promotional materials and small gifts triggered a good perception of consumer groups, interest. In addition, with positive construction, the product family promotion has been installed, such as the banner of the construction of the family, hanging at the doorway "is under construction, you are welcome to visit, supervision," the banner and display card. The installation of the family has given mat, to create a corporate image.

3, to give consumers the best experience

In the community entrance, the product laying in place, and set up next to inform the card, inform the laying of the number of passing, passing vehicles, the number of vehicles and carrying tons, through the field demonstration of product wear resistance, compression quality, thereby enhancing the customer base of trust degree.

4, to create a professional team

Through the delicate service to enhance the customer's centripetal force, for example, at any time to focus on the promotion of customer interests point presentation, and in the visual, auditory and tactile aspects of a full range of penetration.

5, large community activities should focus on sliding combination

Actively involved in community hotspot events, both in the print media, both software and hardware (that is, soft and hard ads simultaneously), but also with the television station jointly launched special coverage, in order to enhance its own brand image.

6, set an example group

The promotion of high-cost consumers (decision makers, middle-to-high level cadres, authoritative people, etc.) who are willing to spread and use the company's products as power-driven customer leaders will make the promotion smoother and the paving for them must be a model project for the community , So that the role of the benchmark to play the ultimate play off the final consumer boom. In addition, efforts have also been made to train prestigious and influential customers as enthusiastic customer leaders, playing a point-by-point role as a foothold in promoting consumer spending. When different types of customer leaders are located in each unit building, the signing and closing of the business will be easy.

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