Kitchen Faucet Selection Principle

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Kitchen faucet selection principle:

Kitchen faucet selection process, in addition to regular pay attention to the material, appearance, form, function, among other factors, Xiao Bian think the most important thing is to pay attention to its user-friendly design, water-saving, durability, ease of cleaning And so on several aspects, together to see the following details of it:

1, humane:

Kitchen faucets should meet the first requirement is that a number of human design, now there is a pull-out kitchen faucet on the market, can pull out a maximum of 1.5 m from the stainless steel hose nozzle position, rotation angle up to 360 degrees , The nozzle can easily reach the place where you need to wash or water, so that clean to become fun, this faucet also has a column and spray two kinds of water, fully and the kitchen should be washed with different items when the demand.

2, water-saving:

We want to build a conservation-oriented society, they should have water-saving faucet function, at this point there are many faucets began to use a bubbler slow down the speed of the water flow, so that the water flow is maintained at 8.3 liters / minute, slow down the water flow Natural water is much smaller, this internal honeycomb into the limited flow of the film can make the water out of the bubble, you do not feel less water, but because there are full bubbles, feel very soft, full of momentum.

3, durable:

No one does not want the home kitchen faucet durable, not easy to damage, and this is not related to the leading surface treatment process, and some brand faucet has been close to pH 3 in the acidic high temperature environment tested and found that more than 4 hours is still intact , Indicating that the surface treatment process is very strong.

4, easy to clean:

Chinese people's cooking habits so that kitchen fumes large, easily the leading oil stains and water stains, cleaning becomes annoying problem, but after repeated washing, faucet surface is easy to lose luster, surface treatment, but if the faucet off, May be a good product to buy the product, but used for some time, there will be coating color, off the phenomenon, so buy a tap must understand its warranty period and the ease of cleaning the material.

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