How Can OUTAI Sanitary Wares Be Stronger

- Jan 18, 2018 -

At present, a movie named Wolf Warrior 2 directed by Chinese actor Wu Jing turned out to refresh the Chinese box office record, which ignited the heroic complex of the people. Why Wolf Warrior 2 is so popular, one is the film's innovation, the other is that the chief creator works desperately to make the quality. This film shows the country's strength, telling us only if the country strong, will we not be beaten, so we can safely stand in the world of forest.


Just as national sanitary ware companies also need to be self-reliant and constantly innovative in order not to be eliminated by the market, so that they can cross the country and shine in the world stage.

The United States Kohler, Japan's TOTO, Spain's musicians have dominated the high-end bathroom market, while the Chinese brand has been focused on the low-end market. Therefore, making more efforts to develop and create high-end domestic bathroom brand in science and technology and sales service has became the trend of the times.So,how can OUTAI sanitary wares be stronger in this blue ocean in the bathroom industry.

一. Identify the international product position and products

Fully understand the needs of foreign consumers, integrate these needs into the product design to create a distinctive personality of the enterprise products or image, and  closely design products linked to the needs of foreign markets, so, we can vividly convey this image out of the enterprise products.

二.Deepen the concept of "Going Global" and expand export channels

"Going out" is not the ultimate goal. Rather, it is to truly establish a foothold in the world instead of simply selling products, but to establish a brand and become a builder of a new order and a new pattern in the international market. This requires us to strengthen infrastructure and broaden the channels for exporting products. Only basic basic skills can be implemented in a solid manner and our international standing can only be achieved.

三.Original design to create "China create" the development of the road

Of course, a promising bathroom company can not do without the open market. In the sanitary market demand growth slowed down today, more and more sanitary ware companies realize the importance of "going abroad", only the "original design" created in China can push the OUTAI sanitary wares to the international market.

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