Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Is The Focus Of The Enterprises

- Oct 14, 2017 -


In recent years, with the increase of energy conservation and environmental protection, the ceramic bathroom industry, which is a large energy consumption, has been affected first. Energy conservation and environmental protection is not only a barrier of ceramic sanitary ware, but also more likely to become the life and death of ceramic sanitary ware. The pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction in ceramic and bathroom industry comes from the increasing pressure on energy conservation and emission reduction in China, and the urgent need for growth and development of enterprises. In a short time, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the ceramic sanitary ware enterprise has to face and have to improve, to alleviate the existence pressure must solve difficult problem.

But over the present, the 80 has gradually become the domestic consumer of the main force, as the backbone of the society, the post-80s more advocate the modern environmental life. They are all about simple and clean, and live a low-carbon life. Especially in the decoration between wei yu, water saving, environmental protection type wei yu product becomes their * *. A new version of TOTO's ECOMAX series of water-saving toilets is a good example of consumer spending. Wisdom with science and technology to give water, the use of super spiral type washing way, zhi jie technology, ECOMAX efficient irrigation water-saving system, light will be able to implement all at once is rinsed clean, easy to be "clean", "province". According to experts, TOTO ECOMAX water - saving toilet easily achieved a flushing rate of less than 4.8 L, which was a big step forward from the new national standard for sanitary ware, which is "no more than 6 litres of water". Because of the use of ceramic special glaze, the surface of the ECOMAX toilet is beyond the nanometer scale, smooth like the mirror, not to the dirt to hold the space, as long as a gentle flush, can remove the dirt.

Thus, "focus on green technology, let environmental protection, water conservation into a small life." The concept has been fully integrated into the enterprise's design philosophy. Only then, companies will go further in the face of cost pressures, market expansion pressure and competitive pressure.

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