What kind of material is better for bathroom taps

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Deck Mounted One Handle Bathroom Vanity Faucets

1. The oil rubbed bronze bathroom basin faucet iron paint is the easiest to rust and the cheapest; iron galvanized is the most common, the appearance of metal gray, not high enough, the internal use of welding, lead rust, poor toughness, prone to cracks, short life ;

2. Brass corrosion resistance is better, with a certain sterilization, the price is normal;

3. The appearance of iron chrome plating is the brightest, the interior is still iron, corrosion-resistant, suitable for general furniture and restaurants;

4. The price of stainless steel is high, durable, non-corrosive, suitable for high-end restaurants and home or food production lines;

5. PVC plastic is cheap, blue-gray, not suitable for home use; polyethylene is white, good corrosion resistance, generally used in laboratories or chemical companies.

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