The role of the angle valve

- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. The angle valve is convenient for repairing sanitary ware, controlling the waterway when checking and checking the water pipe, and facilitating the maintenance of the terminal equipment.


2. The angle valve can also adjust the water pressure. The function of the angle valve is mainly to control the water pressure under the condition that the water pressure is unstable or the water pressure is too large, to prevent the water in the toilet from bursting due to excessive water pressure, and the sealing rubber ring is damaged. It causes water leakage and also facilitates future maintenance and replacement of hoses.


3, to play the role of connecting the internal and external interfaces, can be installed in the sanitary ware inlet, can be used to connect hot water pipes such as faucets, toilets, water heaters.


4. The inner wire hole on the wall surface of the toilet and the inner wire hole of the hose can be connected to the knot.

5. There is also control of water flow to save water.

6, the role of the switch, if the faucet leaks and other phenomena, you can turn off the triangle valve, do not have to close the main valve in the home.

7, Eliminate noise, because the angle valve has the characteristics of no water, no noise, reliable sealing, etc., general pneumatic angle valve will be widely used in printing and dyeing, printing and dyeing, bleaching, food, washing, chemical, water treatment, medicine, etc. An automatic mechanical device is installed.

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