Stainless steel faucet characteristics

- May 31, 2018 -

Stainless steel faucet characteristics


Antibacterial properties:

After 360 hours, there was no significant reduction in the number of bacteria. It can be concluded that in the comparison of the antibacterial properties of stainless steel and copper, stainless steel does not have antibacterial properties, and copper has an inhibitory effect on many bacteria and viruses.

Heavy metal elements content:
Stainless steel alloys contain other heavy metals (chromium, cadmium, arsenic, etc.) although they do not contain lead. Chromium is a highly toxic heavy metal that easily enters human cells, causing damage to the internal organs of the liver, kidneys, and DNA. It accumulates in the human body and is carcinogenic and may induce genetic mutations. Stainless steel faucets also have the characteristics of not releasing harmful substances and not polluting the source of tap water. Stainless steel faucets do not require electroplating and are extremely resistant to rust. The hardness and toughness are all more than twice that of copper products, so it is very convenient for cleaning

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