How to perfectly plan the bathroom space

- Apr 11, 2018 -

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Recruiting: Shower + bathtub save space look here!
In terms of space allocation for general homes, if it is not a pattern of luxury homes with a large number of flats, sanitary ware is usually only about 1.5 tsubos in size, and the basic configuration of toilets, basins, and showers should be properly configured. Designers recommend a bathroom with a small number of pings. You can choose between a shower and a bath. If your family is used to bathe, you can combine the bathtub with a shower to save space.
The second measure: bathroom moisture material selection!
The design of the bathroom ceiling is mostly made of calcium silicate board. In addition, plastic aluminum panels can also be selected. After the surface material is applied, it is more moisture-proof. It is suitable for use in shower rooms or directly above bathtubs. In addition, diatom mud, one of the popular materials in recent years, has a function of moisture absorption and exhalation, and can also be used on bathroom ceilings or wall surfaces.
The third measure: solid wood turns the bathroom into an outdoor soup house!
If it is a person who attaches great importance to the comfort of the bathroom, you can use solid wood on the ceiling, such as the use of fir to create a natural atmosphere, bathing as if relaxing in an outdoor hot spring.
The fourth measure: bathroom storage is essential, pay attention to choose water resistant material!
Afterwards, the bathroom will inevitably accommodate the storage of toiletries. In addition to the basic mirror cabinets and bath cabinets, if the space is sufficient, it is also recommended that homeowners can use glass or water-resistant foam board materials to build high-density storage cabinets to meet the demand for storage. The bathroom will be beautiful and practical.
The perfect and reasonable design of the bathroom space allows you to enjoy a moment of comfort and relaxation in this corner after the exhausting day.

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