How to maintain the solid wood bathroom cabinet

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Freestanding Vanity Cabinets

1. If there is stain on the surface of solid wood bathroom cabinets, avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents to remove stains.

If there is any stain on the surface of the bathroom cabinet, do not rub it hard. Use warm tea water to gently remove the stain. After the water evaporates, apply a light wax to the original part, and then gently test it several times to form a protective film.

2. Avoid scratching hard objects. When cleaning, do not allow the cleaning tool to touch the bathroom cabinet. Pay attention to it at ordinary times. Don't let the hard metal or other sharp objects hit the bathroom cabinet and protect the surface from scratch marks.

3. Avoid damp conditions. In summer, such as indoor flood, a thin pad should be used to separate the bathroom cabinet from the ground, and keep the wall of the bathroom cabinet at a distance of 0.5-1 from the wall.

4. Keep away from heat sources. When installing, it is best to place the bathroom cabinet at a place about 1M away from the heating flow, to avoid prolonged baking, and to cause local dry cracking, distortion and partial deterioration of the paint film.

5. Avoid direct sunlight. Should try to avoid the sun exposure of the outdoor or all parts of the bathroom cabinet for a long period of time. Place it in a place where it can avoid sun exposure, or use a transparent gauze curtain to separate direct sunlight. In this way, it will not affect the lighting of the room, but it will also add a soft and romantic atmosphere to the living room while protecting the bathroom cabinets.

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