How to install the shower faucet?

- Mar 19, 2018 -

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Shower faucet installation step 1: preparation tool

Before the shower faucet is installed, all preparations must be done, including tool preparation, faucet parts preparation, and whether all the accessories are complete.

To ensure that all parts of the faucet hose, shower, etc. are complete, so as to avoid problems in the later installation, affecting the use of comfort.

Shower faucet installation step 2: Determine direction

General shower faucets are divided into two modes of cold water and hot water, and they can be considered in the direction according to demand.

However, from the general design point of view, the hot water on the left side of the right cold water, when the installation should pay attention to determine the direction, to ensure that the back of the installation can be smooth, reduce the problem.

Shower faucet installation step 3: Fixed interface

Formally install the shower faucet to pay attention to the first use of a wrench to fix the elbow, find out the water connector level connection.

Generally at this time also have to determine the height of the faucet, find the exact location after drilling with a drill, taking into account the depth of the aperture, etc., and then fixed, fixed must be solid, not loose the tap will then affect the actual use of the effect.

Shower faucet installation step 4: connecting hose

The hose connection is also very important in the entire shower faucet installation. After fixing the shower position, the hose can be directly connected to the cold water hot water faucet switch.

When connecting, we must be optimistic about the entire process. We must ensure good practicality, avoid loosening, and enjoy stable use and enjoyment.

Shower faucet installation step 5: check work

After completing the installation of all the shower faucets, appropriate inspections should be made to see if the faucet can be used and whether it has good stability.

Any use problems should be solved in advance, as far as possible to ensure the comfort and ease of use of the faucet, which for the user must first have basic considerations, a comprehensive choice.

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