How to install soap disk

- May 25, 2018 -


1, First of all to buy the soap box apart, is this way, the installation method from below, we must first clean the wall, can not have any stains grease, remember that the wall must be flat, the general bathroom is a tile , you can, do not paste in the gap in the transfer! We all understand the plane, for example, but also have a mirror is also very good!

2. Then we put the sticky side of the soap box on the wall first, remember, but also keep it clean, then press it clockwise on the wall, let them stick together, you can see There is no air pressure in it!

3, After the suction cup is tightly installed, put the soap accessories on the hole and screw it on. This is a screw rod, screw the lid, remember, we must follow this step to install, can not take The entire soap box will be posted on the wall, this will fall!

4, Because it is a screw rod, when the screw cap is also stress, can not be too hard, too tight, it can not be too loose, we can try to push the ideal it, it is a plastic surface, too tight, will paste the surface of the center Forced to open, too loose, it will slowly into the air, so it will fall, the right is the right intensity, I feel it will not crush it, it will not let it into the air just fine!

5, Then put this is a double soap box accessories hang inside the hole, buckle it, this is not much stress!

6, Finally we hang up, buckled two good soap box just fine, just do not put too much weight is best, this sucker is equivalent to the same principle of our mobile phone tempered glass film, the longer the time, the more sticky

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