How to clean the bathroom cabinet

- Apr 07, 2018 -

Bathroom Cabinets Vintage Style1. Hot traces: White hot traces left on the bathroom cabinet, silver crystal bathroom told the author, as long as the general use of alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth can be wiped.

2. Water mark: Use a damp cloth to cover the mark on the bathroom cabinet. Use an electric iron to carefully press the damp cloth so that the marks can disappear.

3. Ceramic basin scratches: The surface of the ceramic basin should always be kept clean. The dust and sand should be removed in time to prevent the surface from being scratched. When the surface of the ceramic basin is scratched, a small amount of toothpaste can be applied on the scratches and wiped repeatedly with a soft dry cloth. , And then wax, make the surface smooth as new.

4. Artificial stone countertops scratches: can be more than 800 # sandpaper or scouring pad gently wipe the surface scratches, you can restore the original state.

5. Burn marks: the pyrotechnic marks left by the pyrotechnics on the bathroom cabinet surface. If the paint surface is burnt, a fine-grained hard cloth can be wrapped on the toothpick, and the traces can be wiped lightly, and then a layer of thin vinegar can be applied. Traces can be eliminated.

6. Scuffing: The paint surface of the bathroom cabinet is scratched. It does not touch the wood under the paint. It can be applied on the wound surface of the cabinet with the same color or crayon as the cabinet to cover the exposed background color. Then the transparent nail polish is applied thinly. One layer can be.

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