How to choose a shower room?

- May 25, 2018 -

1, Check the data

A lot of quality shower room boards are generally 2.8mm-4mm in thickness. No matter what the board is, the thickness of 5mm is the best. The glass door in the shower room is also an important factor in determining price and quality. At present, there are few 4mm shower glass in the market, and the folding door is basically 6mm. Manufacturers with large production scales also have 8mm thick arched folding doors. The sliding doors are also changed to 8mm or 10mm. Now. The greater the thickness, the higher the price.


2, Chassis selection

There are two kinds of high and low basins. With a cylinder type people can sit, suitable for families with elderly or children, but also a multi-purpose cylinder, laundry, water, etc., To engage in health problems. on contrast, the low basin is simple and the price is lower than the high basin. In the market, the mid-range low basin of a simple shower room is around RMB 300 yuan.


3, Identify the material

The main material of the shower room is tempered glass, and the quality of the tempered glass varies greatly. Authentic tempered glass carefully looks at the faint patterns. The skeleton of the shower room is usually made of aluminum alloy, the surface for spray treatment, no rot, stainless. The thickness of the main skeleton aluminum alloy is preferably 1.1 mm or more and it is not easily deformed. The ball bearing of the door must be flexible, convenient for opening and closing, the screw is made of stainless steel, all the hardware should pay attention to the smoothness, scratching inside can not be fun.


4, Summarize

Can not be coveted for cheap, must be marked with a detailed production plant name, site and product certification. If you decide to purchase an imported shower room, you must be sure to see the place of production and quality, so as not to spend more money but fail to achieve the desired effect. Some advertised high-end shower room, looks beautiful, many features, it is a three-five products, the quality is not easy on the special rust, heat can not be ranked, and even the glass will burst.

The color scheme of the shower room should be in harmony with the style of bathroom decoration. Its shape is generally a symmetrical fan shape, the bathroom can also choose a square. Most consumers prefer a translucent shower room with a decorative look. The product itself is highly decorative and gives people a beautiful enjoyment. However, there are some older people or traditional people who look at a cloth shower room and look like cloth. More monotonous, but not transparent, the biggest advantage is that the family can use the bathroom at the same time when bathing

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