How to choose a good tap?

- Mar 14, 2018 -

widespread bathroom sink faucets1. Valve core
Spool is a very important part, just like a human heart, and its quality directly determines the length of life of the faucet. The fine tapped valve core process is precise, and when the handle swings to drive the valve core, it can feel no loose, light, and no block.

2. Surface coating
The surface of the faucet will generally be chromed and nickel treated. The plating process of the regular products requires a relatively high degree of surface gloss, no porosity, burrs, oxidation spots and so on.

3. The main material
The main body of the faucet is the path through which water flows, and inferior materials can directly cause water pollution.
Cast iron is prone to rust, plastics are prone to ageing, and zinc alloys are poor in stability, leading to long-term use, so it is not recommended to purchase these three-material faucets.

4. Look for the brand
Using a tap is a matter of family health. It must not be cheap. Consumers should look for well-known brands when buying one handle basin mixer faucets so that they can enjoy better after-sale protection.
The main material of the Wrigley faucet is a ceramic valve core that has high temperature resistance, wear resistance and high tensile strength. The quality of the valve core material allows the Wrigley faucet to withstand more than 500,000 switching operations and is still smooth.
At the same time, because the ceramic material has excellent sealing performance, the faucet is not easy to leak water droplets, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and water conservation.

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